My Photography

Photo prints and other merchandise are now available via my Redbubble Store!

I love using my camera to explore nature! You can find my photography portfolio here. If you're looking for (all of) the spider photos, those are here. (I also have a Flickr with some of my older photos, but I am in the process of moving hostings).

Want some excellent nature photos?

I am available for freelance photography work! If you or your organization need high quality wildlife photos, email me at spiderdaynightlive [at] gmail [dot] com) for rates and details!


First Prize in the category ‘Arachnids in controlled conditions’, for “Under the Trapdoor”; 6th Latin American Congress of Arachnology

Special Mention in the category ‘Arachnids in the field’, for “Salticid on a Leaf”; 6th Latin American Congress of Arachnology

“Common Spiders of the US”, Sarah Rose, Princeton University Press; Photo of Liphistiid trapdoor spider (Book currently in press)

Spidey Senser Project, Hawn Lab, University of Maryland Baltimore County; Photography of urban spiders and their webs for a community science project: Gallery

Millipedes of Ohio”, Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources; Photo of the millipede Pseudopolydesmus canadensis (pg 49 of PDF; cover of print version)

Philadelphia Inquirer; Macro photos of spiders to accompany two print and digital stories: 1, 2

My Gear

For macro photography, I use a Nikon D7500 body and a Laowa 100mm 2x macro lens. I light my shots with a Laowa Twin-flash and a homemade diffuser. Previously, I used a NEEWER Speedlite 750ii, and this diffuser from B&H. For larger subjects, I use a Tamron 16-300mm telephoto.

If you are interested in macro photography on a budget, check out my workshop on Smartphone Macro Photography! There are very decent macro lenses for your phones available on Amazon. Search "clip-on macro lens." There are a lot of options, but if you can find it, I am enjoying the Apexel 100mm lens. It was ~$30 when I got it.


I am also learning natural history-style illustration! Currently, I'm working with pen (PaperMate InkJoy 300) on paper, and digitally with Adobe Fresco via a Surface Pro 4 tablet.